PREFIX Ontology Name # Classes # Properties # Individuals # Imports Modified
olia olia 858 50 0 2
  OLiA Reference Model for Morphology, Morphosyntax and Syntax (originally based on the EAGLES recommendations, with modifications in accordance to DCR (ISOcat, June 2013), TDS ontology, GOLD v.03, the SFB 632 annotation guidelines, the MULTEXT-East ontology and various annotation schemes)
olia-top olia-top 62 0 0 1
  Top categories of the OLiA Reference Model 2010/01/19 created 2010/04/08 removed NPFunction (=> SyntacticRole) 2010/04/13 added MorphologicalProcess, MorphologicalFeature, DiscourseFeature, AnimacyFeature, ReferentTypeFeature, RegisterFeature, UsageAndFrequencyFeature 2010/04/14 validation, PossessiveFeature removed (see olia:hasOwnerNumber), moved olia:NarrativeType and olia:PolarityFeature here 2010/04/15 additions in accordance to the PTB Bracketing Guidelines: NullElement, SentenceTypeFeature (Santorini 1991, Bies et al. 1995) 2010/11/30 added TopologicalField in accordance to the TueDa-D/Z annotation guidelines (Telljohann et al. 2009) 2011/07/29 replace url by purl 2011/07/31 added ProximityFeature 2011/08/03 added SpecificityFeature 2011/08/04 SubordTypeFeature, CoordTypeFeature deprecated, added NumeralAgreementClass 2011/08/11 StrengthFeature recast as MorphologicalFeature rather than MorphosyntacticFeature 2011/08/15 EmphasisFeature added 2011/08/15 PhonologicalProcess added (for Elision and Apocope, formerly both classified as MorphologicalProcess) 2013/06/25 EvidentialityFeature, ClusivityFeature added (from ISOcat), intensity as new label to EmphasisFeature LexicalRelation for labels for relations holding between lexemes 2013/06/27 AgreementFeature (from ISOcat, as superclass of NominalAgreementClass, Person, Gender, Number; not as a relation between words) 2013/06/28 EvaluativeFeature (for ISOcat PreferredEvaluative and PejorativeEvaluative), ModalityFeature (Modality and Mood distinction revised) 2016/04/18 fixed minor validity warnings Christian Chiarcos,
olia_system olia_system 5 9 0 0
  OLiA core concepts for linguistic annotations.